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Wild Revelations, Part 1: Breaking Through “Beariers”

Posted by Beth Kosson on

I had some moments of transformative understanding this past weekend at the International Wildlife Conservation Expo. Moments that blew my mind, brought tears to my eyes and above all, changed what I thought I knew about wildlife conservation.

Why hello there...join me fur a dip? (Jamie Scarrow/Vital Ground)

Why hello there…join me fur a dip? (Jamie Scarrow/Vital Ground)

Hosted by the Chicago Zoological Society/Brookfield Zoo (CZS), the Wildlife Conservation Network, and the Forest Preserve District of Cook County, the day-long learn-fest had a star-studded line-up of conservation rockstars. I had the great fortune to sit down with two of them—Gary Wolfe, PhD, current staff member and former executive director of Vital Ground, and Stuart Strahl, PhD, president and CEO of CZS, who served up some conservation realness. The amount of knowledge and insight crammed into those conversations would make this blog page explode. For your safety, this blog article has been turned into a two-parter to prevent any knowledge explosiveness. So, let’s dig into the unfurgettable topic of bears! (more…)

Oh, the Behind-the-Scenes Places You’ll Go!

Posted by Daisy Simmons on

Ever wanted to get behind the studio glass at WBEZ? Tour the city’s greenest greenery with the true experts on the subject from Chicago Wilderness? Journey through the forests of the Morton Arboretum with world-class scientists guiding your adventure?

Now you can have your pick of the litter during the silent auction at the EcoMyths Naturally Funny Gala at the Second City, featuring the following lineup of truly one-of-a-kind eco-experiences:

Have we told you lately...that we love Chicago Public Media? Cheers to 16 segments together--and many more to come!

This could be YOU posing in the award-winning Worldview studios! (Alexandra Salomon)


Score Tix to Naturally Funny at Second City!

Posted by Daisy Simmons on


We want YOU to join us for eco-hilarity @Second City, Chicago!

When: Tuesday, April 21, 2015
6 p.m. to 9 p.m.
Where: Second City’s UP Comedy Club
230 W. North Ave, 3rd floor
Chicago, Illinois 60614

EcoMyths Alliance’s second annual Naturally Funny Gala at the world-famous Second City will be an entertaining intro to environmental myth-busting, Chicago style, featuring a live Second City game show event, a don’t-miss song starring comical experts from our Partner institutions, plus other cool people and tasty food and drink.

Pre-show cocktail hour at the legendary 2nd City stage!

Pre-show cocktails at the legendary Second City stage!

Proceeds from the Naturally Funny Gala will support EcoMyths’ innovative K-12 myth-busting educational curriculum, aka “The Truth About Drinking Water,” which will be piloted in Chicago during the 2015-2016 school year, and rolled out nationally in 2016.

Good cause? Check! Plus—it’ll be ridiculously fun. Check out last year’s Gala pics and exciting auction prizes for a sneak peek of what’s to come.

And now…

Click here to score tix to the second annual Naturally Funny Gala, where the laughs are on us!

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Explore the Chicago River, One Click at a Time

Posted by EcoMyths Alliance on

— by Betsy Hands, director of outreach and community relations, Friends of the Chicago River


Click to learn about all the potential fun and intrigue along this gem of an urban river.

Outdoor adventurers and map enthusiasts, take note: Friends of the Chicago River has unveiled a new tech-savvy tool to navigate the ever expanding array of recreational and entertainment options throughout the city and highlight restoration work along the river. Explore Chicago River is an interactive website that functions as your guide to any and everything the Chicago River has to offer.

Want to know the nearest place to launch your boat, or the best place to grab a cool drink and a bite to eat while taking in the city architecture and boats along the river, or even a little history of the bridges that span the urban canyons of downtown? All of this and more will be a click away on Explore the Chicago River’s easy-to-navigate map. While scrolling through the map you can discover the Chicago River like never before, from finding a park or preserve in your area to uncovering the rich history of Chicago along the banks.

Along with innumerable recreational and entertainment options, the map will showcase the tireless work Friends and its partners do to restore the Chicago River, including events, active restoration sites, and the many successes that have made the river the more beautiful and hospitable waterway that it is today.

All of this and more is just a click away! So go ahead: Make Explore the Chicago River your own personal tour guide of this unique waterway.

What’s Your Question?

Posted by Daisy Simmons on


Nosy, er, inquiring minds want to know: What environmental questions do you have?

Leave a comment below or drop us a quick line with your most burning Qs about the environment, and we’ll sniff out the answer for ya.





It’s On! (Our Curriculum Pilot, That Is)

Posted by Daisy Simmons on

Across the country, classroom chalkboards are once again filling up with fresh ideas. So in honor of the new school year and our own big news, we decided to share a happy update of our own—from our chalkboard to yours…Curriculum-update

Ladies and gents, we’ve got a pilot! And we’ve begun collaborating with schools to test and refine it. (more…)

Toledo 411: Fast Facts on Water Pollution

Posted by Daisy Simmons on
Talk about a scary post to read at 1:21 am.. (Via Facebook)

Talk about a scary post to read at 1:21 am.. (Via Facebook)

Desperate times call for desperate measures…such as when the city issues an “URGENT NOTICE” on Facebook in the middle of the night, warning you not to drink the water—even if boiled!—and you find yourself high-tailing it to the 7-11 at 2 a.m. to buy all the bottled water you can carry before it sells out across Toledo in the morning.

Yes, while filtered tap water may be the general eau de choice environmentally speaking, disasters like the recent contamination in western Lake Erie leave us with little choice but to hit the proverbial bottle. (more…)

DIY Behind-the-Scenes Tours Around Chicago

Posted by Daisy Simmons on

Don’t worry, it’s totally natural to feel a little envy…if you didn’t win one of the beyond cool auction items from last month’s Naturally Funny Gala. Featuring behind-the-scene tours of eight of incredible spots around town dreamed up by our partners, the prizes included everything from a Field Museum-led birding expedition to a unique twist on your typical architectural tour from DePaul.


You have to admit it’s kind of awesome that Suzanne W. of the Wetlands Initiative, which also contributed a tour, won the Brushwood prize.

So, in hopes of making us all a winner of sorts, we decided to come up with simple DIY versions of these truly inspired tours.  (more…)

The Naturally Funny Gala: Be There or Be…Less Amused

Posted by Daisy Simmons on

Please join us for what’s sure to be a memorable evening of eco-inspired hilarity: EcoMyths’ Naturally Funny Gala on Tuesday, April 8 at Second City’s UP theatre. Proceeds will support our innovative new science curriculum, which is being produced in partnership with the National Wildlife Federation and Second City, and will include environmental myth-busting for middle school and high school kids, classroom lessons, and outdoor activities. It will also include video shorts acted and produced by the professional funny people at Second City.

During the cocktail hour, volunteers will conduct a “roving” silent auction featuring behind-the-scenes tours at our various partner institutions. Then we will have a short presentation, including short videos, and a Dutch auction (paddle raise). The evening will cap off with a naturally hilarious 1-hour improv show by Second City.

Get your tix below!